Running has the power to change the direction of your life and how you experience every facet of your world. It is at once so simple but can be extremely complex to fold a consistent running practice into your life.

We all have more endurance and speed inside us that is waiting to be tapped. To access your own super powers it takes patience, focus, and courage to explore new places in your mind and body.

There are no secrets or shortcuts to reaching your running goals. It all comes down to consistency and commitment. I believe that if we are going to dedicate our time to chasing down our dreams, we may as well enjoy the process. A healthy body is the cornerstone of my approach to running and coaching and I believe that we can reach higher if we are grounded in happiness.

I coach athletes of all levels with a broad scope of goals. I am primarily a trail runner but find great value and challenge in road racing as well. USATF Certified Running Coach


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  • Weekly customized training plans - updated daily with feedback and modifications as needed

  • Unlimited email/text support

  • Strength/cross-training outline

  • Nutrition and race strategy guidelines

  • In-person training runs, race pacing/support - $45/hr

Payment: month-to-month paid via Paypal

Contact me if you are interested in working together!